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4 Sep 2016


For months, I saw the internet rave about this book ‘The life-changing magic of tidying up’ by Marie Kondo. Last week I finally decided to head to the library and rent the book. Sadly, they didn’t have the English version (I love reading in English) so I had to settle for the Dutch version haha.

Soooo, if you don’t know about this book or you would just like to know more, keep reading!

Clean space, clean mind
First of all, I love this book. I don’t particularly like the way it is written (because she often repeats what she said earlier) but I do love what she writes about and the message she gives.

I also really enjoy the topic of decluttering. I personally feel like I’m happier and more creative in a clean environment. And to be honest, I also kind of like decluttering haha. Is that weird? I’m not talking about cleaning here, I mean genuinely going through your stuff and ditching the things you don’t want anymore. I don’t know, it’s relaxing to me, anyone else? :)

After reading the book, I decided it would be a nice topic for a blogpost. For me, there definitely is a connection between decluttering and living green. Decluttering means that you throw away or donate what you don’t need anymore. But it should also mean that you aim for a more minimalistic lifestyle and that you think more carefully about your next purchases. Do you really need it? Does it really bring joy to your life? That’s sustainable thinking.

About the author
Marie Kondo is a Japanese organising consultant. Yes that’s correct, she teaches people how to organize. She also talks about this in the book. People are taught all sorts of things in school and sometimes, skills are passed on through generations. For example, lots of cooking secrets run in the family. The thing is, no one is ever told how to properly clean or declutter. Everyone is assumed to just know how to keep their living space organised.

Back to Marie. Marie has been fascinated with organizing since she can remember. She would always find new ways to make her living environment even more peaceful and decluttered. Throughout the years, she’s tried every single method ever written about but never found one that made her happy. And that’s why she made her own method: The KonMari Method.

About the book
The KonMari Method is said to make your living space decluttered and keep it decluttered. It consists of several steps/rules you should follow for an optimal result.
  • Declutter in silence. That means no blasting your favourite tune or no TV playing in the background. 
  • Declutter alone. Don’t let your family in your room when you’re organizing. 
  • Only declutter your own stuff. Don’t throw away things that aren’t yours. 
  • Declutter by category, not by place. For example, don’t declutter your wardrobe but declutter all your clothes at once. These are the categories that Marie suggests: 
    • Clothes 
    • Books 
    • Papers 
    • Miscellaneous 
    • Mementos

Ditch first, put away next
Okay, so you’ve decided you’re going to follow her method. Where do you start?

Tackle the 'clothes' category first, since this is the easiest one (because it’s the least emotional one). After that, complete the other categories in the order mentioned above. You should always follow these steps.
  • Lay every item of the category out on the floor. This step is very important because it will immediately show you how much stuff you actually own. 
  • Take each item in your hand and ask yourself: ‘Does this spark joy?’ Marie Kondo is a firm believer of keeping only the things you need (essentials) and the things that make you happy. If you follow that method, you’ll only be surrounded by things you really love. 
  • Put all the items that make you happy or excited to use/wear on one pile, the items you’re donating on another and the things you’re throwing away on another one. 
  • Store similar items in the same place.

According to Marie Kondo, you’ll feel so much happier after you’ve followed all these steps. I’m very curious to see if that’s actually true, so I’ve decided to follow the method myself. I’ll try to upload a more detailed post about every category and keep you updated throughout the next months. Feel free to join in and declutter your living environment!

Check out my post about the clothes category here!

That’s it for this post!

Have fun organising! ;)

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