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30 Oct 2016


I know what you might be thinking. Oatmeal?? OH YES! A lot of people don't like oatmeal and trust me, I used to be one of them. But let me tell you, I’ve learned to love it! My first ever attempt to make some epically failed. I didn't like the taste or the texture of it at all. I noticed how my dad and brother did seem to enjoy their oatmeal, so I just had to give it another go. I started experimenting with flavours and ended up really liking my oatmeal in the morning. I present to you: my three favourite flavour-combo's!

23 Oct 2016


I recently started using an amazing new product: solid shampoo bars! I know what you're thinking: solid shampoo? She must be crazy! Trust me, I'm not! These shampoo bars replace your standard liquid shampoo bottles and they have so many benefits that you just can't say no to!

16 Oct 2016


This week, I wanted to write about something completely different. Obviously, it still has something to do with sustainability and the environment, but more so, it's about design. So last week, I attended a two-day innovation camp organised by my university and two Belgian companies.

9 Oct 2016


Do you have a jar of coconut oil in your house? If so, what do you use it for?
This amazing natural oil is all over the internet and in people’s houses these days. Coconut oil usually comes in solid form, but it can easily melt into a liquid when applied to your skin, but also on a hot summer day or if you live in a warmer climate. 
Coconut oil is such a versatile product. It can be used in the kitchen (as a substitute for butter) and in the bathroom (to make your own beauty products for example).
So this week, I decided to share my coconut-knowledge with you and I listed my five favourite uses for coconut oil!

2 Oct 2016


This past week, I started my second year of uni. I still live at home, but one of my best friends moved into a university dorm room last week. When I asked her how she was doing, she told me that she was struggling with cooking her own food. She wanted quick and easy recipes who are healthier than her microwave lasagna, but she didn't really have any ideas. So I decided to give her a hand. This next recipe is a vegetarian (and vegan) pasta with one of my favourite sauces of all time: diabolique!