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17 Sep 2017


I completed my 30 day vegan challenge two weeks ago and wanted to write a final update on it.
Did I enjoy it? Of course I did, not killing animals feels wonderful! :) :)
But was it easy? Hell yes! For me, the switch from vegetarian to vegan was 10 times easier than going vegetarian a year ago. But then again, that switch was extremely easy as well haha. Okay, let’s break it down. How did I do it? What are my tips? Am I sticking to this vegan lifestyle?

16 Aug 2017

MINIMAL TRAVEL GUIDE -- summer holiday

I recently travelled through Portugal for 15 days with my friends from high school. We went from the Algarve in the south to Lisbon, Coimbra and lastly Porto further north – and I ended up bringing only a carry-on suitcase and a backpack.

13 Aug 2017

MY VEGAN JOURNEY: grocery shopping -- part 3

13 vegan days have passed and I’m lovin’ it - no McDonald’s pun intended haha. I’ve set up a grocery list with my staple vegan foods; things I always want to have in the house so that I’m not tempted to grab an unhealthy snack or possibly something non-vegan when I’m in a rush.
Let’s talk about grocery shopping today!

6 Aug 2017

MY VEGAN JOURNEY: vitamins & minerals -- part 2

My first official week of being a vegan is over! (Technically, it’s only been six days but let’s just pretend it’s been a week because I’ll be posting my updates on Sunday and it’s easier this way haha)

1 Aug 2017

MY VEGAN JOURNEY -- part one

It's been about a year since I decided to stop eating meat and fish. Up until today, I still had dairy products as a part of my eating pattern. Not much though. A cookie or a slice of cake or the occasional ice cream. Considering the fact that I don't like the taste of eggs and I'm lactose-intolerant (which I don't follow that strictly to be honest), I already eat vegan most of the time. After a year of being a vegetarian, I want to challenge myself (is it even a challenge?) to go completely vegan – on a trial period of 30 days. I obviously hope that all this goes smoothly so that I can continue eating vegan when August is over.

16 Apr 2017

DIY DESK MAKEOVER [how to paint furniture]

So I did this thing where I gave an old table a complete makeover. I'd never done anything like that before, but it turned out pretty great!

2 Apr 2017


As you might have been able to guess; today’s post is about fighting against fast fashion. I’m going to share my vision on the whole thing and tell you a story about something wonderful that happened recently. Interested? Have a cup of tea and join the chat!

19 Mar 2017


Time for another DIY! This is definitely one of my favourites! It's a super lush, moisturizing body butter - made from only natural ingredients. Want to learn how you can easily make your own? Keep reading!

6 Mar 2017


To keep a balance on my blog, I decided to post something more serious today. Not because I prefer these subjects over more fun posts or DIY's, but because I'm passionate about educating people on important subjects that really matter.
Today's post is about animals. Don't get your hopes up though, it's not going to be fun or cute. I'm talking about being environmentally and ethically responsible and health conscious.

19 Feb 2017


Today, I'm talking about toothpaste. I’ll tell you the basic important things you should know about its ingredients, but, maybe more importantly, I’ll show you how you can make your own natural and chemical-free toothpaste!

12 Feb 2017


I’M BACK! Finally! I’m so happy to finally get back into my blogging rhythm, after having dealt with last semester’s exams and going on the loveliest city trip to Budapest with my high school besties. I really hope to get back to posting more regularly from now on. I took my time to get my planning game on point and managed to create a blog-school-social life-schedule which I’m quite pleased with, if I say so myself! ;) I’m also working on a new blog lay-out, so what you’re seeing now isn’t the final look. I still have a few bits to tweak on here!

Now on to the blogpost! I’ve created a guide to different amazing superfoods that have nothing but benefits for your body and also taste great – which is an absolute must!