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19 Feb 2017


Today, I'm talking about toothpaste. I’ll tell you the basic important things you should know about its ingredients, but, maybe more importantly, I’ll show you how you can make your own natural and chemical-free toothpaste!

12 Feb 2017


I’M BACK! Finally! I’m so happy to finally get back into my blogging rhythm, after having dealt with last semester’s exams and going on the loveliest city trip to Budapest with my high school besties. I really hope to get back to posting more regularly from now on. I took my time to get my planning game on point and managed to create a blog-school-social life-schedule which I’m quite pleased with, if I say so myself! ;) I’m also working on a new blog lay-out, so what you’re seeing now isn’t the final look. I still have a few bits to tweak on here!

Now on to the blogpost! I’ve created a guide to different amazing superfoods that have nothing but benefits for your body and also taste great – which is an absolute must!