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13 Aug 2017

MY VEGAN JOURNEY: grocery shopping -- part 3

13 vegan days have passed and I’m lovin’ it - no McDonald’s pun intended haha. I’ve set up a grocery list with my staple vegan foods; things I always want to have in the house so that I’m not tempted to grab an unhealthy snack or possibly something non-vegan when I’m in a rush.
Let’s talk about grocery shopping today!

Grocery shopping

This is my list - I’m a fan of lists in case you hadn’t noticed already. :)

It’s quite short, only the things that I go for daily or at least a few times a week. Starting with fruits and veg, my staples are definitely bananas and frozen berries when it comes to fruits. Both in smoothies: divine. Bananas as a snack: sweet & filling. Frozen berries in oatmeal: healthy & refreshing. That were quite a few adjectives to come up with :) but it’s honestly the truth! Berries are in my freezer at all times, especially when fresh ones aren’t in season. Though I’m (in the spirit of low/zero waste) not a fan of the plastic bags that hold the frozen berries, I do really love having them. It’s so easy to throw them in your smoothies and they’re packed with antioxidants and fiber.

Moving on to the veggies, both spinach and broccoli are absolute powerhouse vegetables. Spinach contains vitamins A, C and K as well as manganese and broccoli is a superveg that’s said to help lower the risk of several cancers, containing tons of vitamin C and K.

Moving on; we have oats, hemp seeds, chia seeds, flax seeds, brazil nuts, almonds and hazelnuts. Oats for breakfast in oatmeal or in homemade granola, seeds in my smoothies and nuts as a snack are my favourite ways to incorporate these guys into my diet. Packed with protein, omega-3’s, fiber, vitamins and minerals … I mean, need I say more?

These next dairy replacements are also a staple in our household. I’ve been trying to get myself in the habit of having an extra glass of warm soy milk every night to top up my calcium and vitamin B and D levels. I sometimes add in a teaspoon of raw cacao to make hot chocolate – so good.

Last on the list: quinoa, lentils, chickpeas and black beans. I have chickpeas on a regular basis; either in hummus or in cooked dishes. Black beans are delicious in chili sin carne and quinoa is nice as a superhealthy replacement for rice. I’ve also been wanting to eat more lentils, but I’m still on the hunt for some good recipes!

Being vegan around non-vegans

I went to a barbecue yesterday of a friend of mine who turned 21. Totally prepared, I said to her that I’d bring a few bits of my own so that she didn’t have to go out and look for vegan burgers or meat replacements. She was super nice about it and said that she’d also make sure there were enough salads and vegs for me to have. And there were – which was awesome! I did however forget that she would prepare starters and dessert as well, and those were not vegan. I hate having to be impolite so I did have soup with cream and a dollop of homemade chocolate mousse. I’m that kind of person that can’t really refuse things when they’re being offered to me, especially since she’d already left out the bacon from my soup for example. And that’s fine. I know that there are some people (vegan and non-vegan) that would say that this makes me not vegan anymore. And that’s also fine. It’s not about the ‘title’ for me. It’s not about being a perfect vegan, because there’s no such thing. I still own leather shoes that I had from before I went vegan, I still have slip ups where I hadn’t noticed that there was dairy in a certain food. Being vegan isn’t only about the food for me. It’s a mind-set where all animals are treated equally, a mind-set of empathy and respect for other beings and the environment.

And on that cheesy note, I’m gonna end this post here! :)
There may or may not be coming an extra blogpost this week and it may or may not be travel related?? WOOP

See ya!


  1. Love reading your blog. And that list was good! Wanted me to to make some hummus, been a long time... and btw about the thing that you had some non-vegan food because you got it offered. In the beginning I was the exact same, but then I actually stopped, and I didn't longer say yes.. hmm pretty weird, but I guess now I just can't handle at all if something isn't vegan :-( but yeah, sounds like you really know what nutrients you gotta get in. I love that. Peace and love 💚

    1. Yes, LOVE hummus! And yeah I guess maybe it's because I'm quite new to being fully vegan and it just takes some time for the people around me to get used to it as well. But it'll go easier in time! I do get what you mean though; that you can't handle something non-vegan.
      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment!