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17 Sep 2017


I completed my 30 day vegan challenge two weeks ago and wanted to write a final update on it.
Did I enjoy it? Of course I did, not killing animals feels wonderful! :) :)
But was it easy? Hell yes! For me, the switch from vegetarian to vegan was 10 times easier than going vegetarian a year ago. But then again, that switch was extremely easy as well haha. Okay, let’s break it down. How did I do it? What are my tips? Am I sticking to this vegan lifestyle?

First of all, let me start of by saying it’s not all sunshine and rainbows, just so we get the ‘cons’ out of the way.
  • Eating out (at a friend’s house or restaurant for example) will not always be easy.
    I went to a real meaty BBQ and some other dinners at friend’s places during August and the vegan options are mostly limited. My biggest tip is to just bring something extra of your own if that’s possible (- and socially accepted). I’d usually bring a vegan burger or falafels, just so I can have that instead of the meat that everyone’s having.
    I should also mention that at some places, like festivals for example, things are changing! I went to two music festivals this summer and was able to eat vegan during both! Fries with ketchup and Chinese mini spring rolls for the win! There were also a few vegan stands at one of the festivals, so I managed to get myself the nicest coconut curry with rice – defo a winner!

  • People will judge, no matter what you try to tell them.                           
    I’m lucky enough that my family is very supportive and understanding of why I eat this way. But that, sadly, doesn’t go for everyone that will cross your path. Explain to people why you are vegan, IF they ask.
    What I’ve noticed is that some people don’t want to listen to your arguments, which makes it really hard to defend yourself. I’ve had people call me ‘extreme’, though killing animals honestly seems a lot more extreme to me than not wanting to contribute to that horror. ;)
    If you’re having a hard time, just try to remember why you are doing this and how much you’re helping the animals, the planet and your health. And talk to like-minded people! I joined dozens of vegan Facebook groups where people organize meet-ups, praise new vegan products in local supermarkets or rant about discussions they had with non-vegans haha. If you don’t know other vegans, these groups are the place to be – trust me!

These two things are honestly the only downsides for me. And that will change in the future, I’m sure of it. People will change their lifestyle and more vegan options become available each day!

‘How to vegan’ – briefly explained

  1. Stop eating meat (and fish).
    Easy! You won’t even miss it, trust me on this. I was a real meat-lover back in the days, but the thought of me eating it ever again does not appeal to me anymore (and that’s an understatement haha). Also try not to eat too many ‘replacement’ or ‘fake’ meat. These burgers, nuggets, schnitzels are good for occasional use, but they contain a lot of salt, fat, sugar and processed things so I try not to have ‘em to often.
  2. Replace dairy with vegan options.
    It takes no effort to buy plant based milk (soy, almond, hazelnut, cashew, oat, rice – there’s something for everyone’s tastebuds), yoghurt, butter, chocolate (the cheapest choc at my store is actually vegan and delicious!) etc. instead of dairy. Same supermarket, same aisle, same effort.
    And yes, the branded plant based milks can be a tad more expensive, but meat is expensive too and since you’re not buying that anymore, your wallet can handle the vegan replacements!
    Some plant based alternatives can be harder to find, like cheese or ice cream. They exist, but you’ll need to look a bit further. I don’t miss cheese so I don’t buy replacements and I buy soy ice cream from my local store (if you’re from Belgium: Colruyt en Albert Heijn verkopen vegan ‘Swedish Glace’ ijs en sommige Carrefours verkopen vegan roomijs en superlekkere cornetto’s van IJsboerke! Genoeg alternatieven dus!)
  3. Forget about eggs.
    You’d think this is a hard one to leave out of your diet, but it’s not. My mum used to be the biggest egg-lover I knew: fried, boiled, scrambled – you name it. But she did this vegan challenge with me and recently had a hard boiled egg and she told me she doesn’t seem to enjoy it anymore. She still liked the taste but the thought of what she was eating just made her not egg-cited to eat it anymore. ;)
  4. Beware of ‘secret’ non vegan ingredients.
    Gelatin, lanolin, whey, casein, lactose, most red food dyes, certain E-numbers (E120, E322, E422, E 471, E542, E631, E901, E904), etc. are things to stay away from. Don’t let that list scare you though! If something is not vegan, you’ll probably know just by thinking logically.
  5. Take your supplements!
    The only thing vegans really need to supplement is B12, which can easily be taken with a spray. I’ve talked about it in a previous post. I also take a vitamin D3 supplement, just because I’m not sure if I get enough D from the sun! :) (A friend of mine told me that D3 supplements aren’t normally vegan, so beware of that! I take a spray from 'Garden of Life', which is obvs vegan!)
  6. Smoothies, juices, nuts, hummus and avocados are your friends!
    Seriously, I've become addicted to them! :)

Do I, after all this, feel like I’m missing out? No, on the contrary. I’ve gained friends and awesome conversations with like-minded people. I’ve gained knowledge and compassion. I pay more attention to what I eat and to my vitamin, mineral and protein Ievels, which also means I’m eating healthier than I used to. But most of all, I’m not contributing to animal agriculture anymore – the biggest cause of global warming, heart disease and the suffering of innocent creatures.

I’m getting my blood tested in a few weeks/months, and will share the results over on my Instagram if you’re curious! :)

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